Market leader for brake discs in the aftermarket.

The core competencies of the product range, which extends over 21 assemblies, are spare parts for disc and drum brakes as well as for axles and chassis. Templin is now the market leader in the European aftermarket for brake discs for trucks, buses and vans: with more than 430 items, most of which are tested according to ECE R90. Using state-of-the-art casting and processing machines and using high-quality metals, Templin manufactures brake discs of OE quality that meet all automotive standards. To optimize the iron casting matrix, the company uses only the latest metallurgical technologies. The aim is to reduce thermal damage and cracking. Templin brake discs are balanced to 100 % and provide a comfortable, consistent feel during braking.

Not only brake discs, but also around 120 associated brake pads are part of Templin's current product portfolio. These are also tested in accordance with ECE R90 and tested for excellent braking performance at temperatures of up to 480 degrees Celsius. A running-in coating for better operating characteristics after initial installation additionally ensures low wear of the brake disc. The repair unit is completed by matching wear sensors as well as ABS rings and sensors.

Product range is constantly being expanded

Templin's product range now comprises more than 10,000 different products. And this for all leading vehicle manufacturers. Among others, expansion tanks, starters, generators and electric cables as well as numerous spring bolts, special bolts and brass bushings are to be found in the product range. All of these products are also supplied to well-known vehicle manufacturers. A new and successful product field are wheel hubs from our own production for a variety of newer vehicles. The available number of wheel hubs without bearings is over 140 different types as well as almost 50 wheel hubs with bearings. All wheel hubs fitted with bearings are exclusively fitted with branded bearings from well-known premium manufacturers.

There are many reasons for switching to one of the market leaders now. As an independent and honest manufacturer, Templin Automotive stands for over 70 years of top quality.